Introducing DotVVM Developer Advocates


A little while ago, we were looking for someone who will help us with spreading the DotVVM brand. We’ve got many applications that we didn’t expect, and it pleases us because it shows us an interest in DotVVM.

Therefore, we are glad to announce the DotVVM Developer Advocate program, built from few people across the world, who will promote DotVVM on all fronts.

DotVVM Developer Advocates

What is DotVVM Developer Advocate program?

DotVVM Developer Advocate program is something new for all of us, and we are thrilled to see what is coming. The program consists of people with excellent technical knowledge, together with experience from working with community and content creation. These two parts are essential for the program as our focus on quality outputs is something that we rely on.

In this program, there are people from Ecuador, India, Africa that can speak multiple languages that will help us reach as many people as possible.

What can you expect?

We plan to be more active in the .NET community with all kinds of content prepared. And that’s where our journey begins with small steps like articles, videos, case studies, demos, meetups towards our common goal to create a community of DotVVM developers and raise awareness of DotVVM.

Starting with blog posts, you can expect seeing more and more articles and content from Developer Advocates here on the DotVVM blog and our social media. Next, we are planning to host meetups in various countries, have sessions at conferences and cooperate with universities to get more young people engaged.

What is next?

Soon, we will introduce all members of this program and will publish their articles about DotVVM. Each of the advocates has different specialization and strengths, so stay tuned for more content.

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