Applications and Software systems development

We specialize in development of custom made web, desktop and mobile applications.
We have a lot of experience with entire .NET Framework,
especially with technologies such as ASP.NET, WPF and Xamarin.
Our goal is to design apps to be easily maintainable, extensible and reliable. We are familiar with the Azure platform and we are able to design apps which can be hosted in cloud.

Building our own development platform

We have succesfully implemented dozens of web apps and in that process we have gained a lot of experience. Based on this experince we have started developing an open source framework called DotVVM which radically simplifies the whole process of development of infomation systems and so called line of business applications. This technology is open source and it has found users all over the world. We provide support to the users of DotVVM and we also develop commercial components for this framework.

Assistance for software vendors and training

Designing a whole new architecture of a large software system is rather complicated, especially if the project is supposed to run for years and the future requirements are unknown. Our skilled team at RIGANTI offers help with the infrastructure design and the choice of right technologies as well as optimalization of development processes and code review. This service is provided in form of individual consultations or in-house trainings.

A Team of experienced experts

RIGANTI has well experienced teams. Some members of the RIGANTI team speak at various community conferences and user groups. Many of them are holders of Microsoft certifications.

The leader of the company is Tomáš Herceg, multiannual holder of Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and Microsoft Regional Director title. He regularly talks at numerous conferences in the Czech Republic and abroad. He is also an author of dozens of technical articles.

Conference and community event hosting

RIGANTI participates in hosting numerous community events and conferences in the Czech Republic.

In cooperation with DOTNETCOLLEGE we have organized CORESTART conference focused on .NET Core platform latest news, and Architecture & Security Days 2017 conference focused on designing software systems from the perspective of architecture and security.

Offices in Prague and Brno

Sokolovská 352/215
190 00 Praha 9 - Vysočany
Czech republic

Hybešova 61
602 00 Brno
Czech republic


Tomáš Herceg CEO
+420 728 441 618
[email protected]
Billing information
Riganti s.r.o.
Sokolovská 352/215
Praha 9 - Vysočany
190 00

IČ: 29264600
DIČ: CZ29264600
bank account: 2645388339/0800
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