About Customer

Glasshouse Corporation is a home maintenance startup company that helps people to keep their homes in a good shape. The company employees and contractors carry out all the work and maintenance that the houses require based on quarterly visits or when the owner of the house needs it. Glasshouse modernizes the house owners care about their real estate.

Project Goals

Project Goals

The goal of the project was to improve the existing house management, care and maintenance system, and to make communication with real estate owners easier. The customer requested adding of new features, further extensions of the application to support different business scenarios, and creating an API for mobile applications and third-party integrators. 

Project Specifications

  • Development and maintenance of an existing solution
  • Optimization of the administration site
  • Implementation of the API for mobile apps
  • Admin interface for house managers
  • New implementation of the administration API
  • Website redesign

Our Solution

Our Solution

Our company has designed and implemented a new landing page, modified the existing web interface, prepared an administration API, designed and added new features to the mobile application. After the implementation of the changes to the existing solution, we have been providing support and maintenance.


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