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London Theater Direct is one of Britain's largest theater ticket vendors, focusing on retail sales to end-customers, wholesale resellers, and providing software platforms for reservation systems, distribution, print and ticket sales.

Project Goals

Project Goals

There were several goals of the project through the years of cooperation, depending on how the company was changing. First, the goal was to make ticket sales available to customers through the online portal. Gradually with the growth of the company and the arrival of new technologies (Bitcoin, Apple Pay, …), the goal was to keep up with them and implement these technologies, up to the present time when the goal is to cover all the IT services of the company. The project is implemented together with a partner company ICT Capital.

Project Specifications

  • A wide scope of the solution - hundreds of smaller projects
  • International environment - a real-time collaboration with developer teams of business partners across continents
  • Very close integration with the London Theater team at multiple levels of management - daily contact with many of their employees
  • Several years of continuous development and maintenance
  • Responding to the rapidly changing business needs of the company
  • Effective transformation of low-quality legacy code into modern architecture without limiting company operations and ongoing development and deployment of systems

Our Solution

Our Solution

The key benefit of our company is the ability to adapt and provide support for an evolving and expanding company. Software and hardware equipment is a key business factor for the company. During several years of cooperation, it has transformed from an e-shop operator with theater tickets to a large-scale supplier supplying hundreds of other companies around the world to a supplier of universal software platforms for ticketing across the ticketing industry.


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