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ATE, s.r.o. Cheb provides a wide variety of services, including technical-engineering activities, production, assembly and crane work. The company is oriented in various areas - transport & electrical devices, electrical machinery and telecommunication devices. One of the specific areas is the design and construction of railway level crossings and railway security systems.

Project Goals

Project Goals

Our task was to create a software that will allow the users to design and validate circuits for railway level crossing devices, and to generate technical documentation and instruction tables for the construction engineers. The suggested environment should be similar to a CAD editor. The application lets the user to design custom parts and sub-circuits that could be reused in multiple projects, and can export PDF documents with technical designs and complete documentation of the level crossing circuits.

Project Specifications

  • Desktop application with advanced CAD functionalities
  • A highly customized solution developed to precisely meet customer need
  • PDF exports
  • Web administration for licensing

Our Solution

Our Solution

Our company has created a desktop CAD application that allows designing of level crossing electronic circuits, their components, and the schema of their connections. The application checks the correctness of connections based on predefined set of validation rules. The main feature is an advanced CAD editor in which the entire device can be visually designed and previewed. The application also includes report printing and PDF export capabilities. The solution includes a web administration for managing customer licenses.


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