Our Projects

Digital transformation in manufacturing

Manufacturing execution and information system

We have developed an extensive information system for a Czech manufacturing company. The software covers all phases of their business process, including customer relations, offer and order management, price calculations, production, capacity planning, warehouse, expedition, and invoicing.

Because of the extensive scope of the project, we chose the agile way of development. Together with key employees of our client, we analyzed the company processes and migrated data from numerous applications and legacy systems. The new system streamlined and simplified many activities within the company and provided essential data to decision-makers.

The new solution is built using the ASP.NET platform and uses Microsoft SQL Server as a database. An essential part of the software is a multi-platform mobile app for warehouse workers.

Technologies: ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Xamarin, DotVVM, Rabbit MQ, Domain-Driven Design, Azure DevOps

Point-of-sale and information systems

Solution for wellness & sport centers

We have built software for a client that operates a network of wellness and sports centers. Our solution helps employees at their reception desks and sales points to serve their customers smoothly and efficiently. The software includes a complex sales application and a reservation system, integrates with a warehouse and records-keeping application, and controls lightning and turnstile systems.

The core of the solution is an application for receptions and bars. An intuitive user interface with a great UX was one of the key requirements. We have arranged several rounds of user testing to fine-tune the UI to be easy to use and reduce the human error rate.

The solution includes several modules, including a complex administration and reporting used by the company management. To facilitate the high availability of the application, we have used the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Technologies: WPF, .NET Core, Microsoft SQL Server, DotVVM, Microsoft Azure, Domain-Driven Design, Azure DevOps


Web portal for online conferences

We have developed a universal solution for online conferences and events. The event organizers can use a complex administration to configure ticket sales, invoicing, plan the marketing communication, and manage the live-streams. The attendees can sign into a web portal, watch sessions, engage in discussions, and access recordings.

We built the portal for Update Conference Prague - an event for developers we co-organize - and which was changed to an online-only event because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This annual conference features world-class speakers and experts from the .NET community. This year, the speakers had to speak from their homes. Our goal was to create a virtual studio where we could interview the speakers, take care of the live-stream production, and deliver them to our attendees.

The solution is extensible and can be used to host any online conference.

Technologies: Azure Media Services, .NET Core, DotVVM, Microsoft SQL Server, LiveStream Studio