Information and production system (ERP and MES) for metal production

Digital transformation in manufacturing

For Technologické centrum, a company focused on technologically advanced sheet metal processing, we have developed an extensive system that covers all phases of their business and production process - from order management and price calculation through production planning, controlling, to warehouse management, accounting and reporting.

Given the broad scope of the system, we took an agile approach to project management. In cooperation with the client, we performed a deep analysis of all processes, planned, and handled data migration from several legacy systems. The system we delivered has streamlined many of the client's activities and provides the company management with data they need for making decisions.

Our solution is based on ASP.NET technology and uses a Microsoft SQL Server database. It also includes a multi-platform mobile application for warehouse workers implemented in Xamarin Forms.

Online conference web portal

Solutions for event organizers

We have developed a web portal for organizing online conferences and events. The solution includes a comprehensive interface for event organizers that provides ticketing, billing, e-mailing and live stream management. The portal allows conference attendees to watch live streams, participate in discussions and view recordings of presentations.

We developed the portal for the needs of Update Conference Prague developer conference, which we are involved in organizing and which had to be completely moved online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The conference regularly features top speakers and experts from the .NET community from around the world, who had to present from their homes. Our task was to set up a virtual studio and build the entire infrastructure for online and hybrid events.

The solution can be used to run any online or hybrid conference.

Production machine data collection and visualization

Digital transformation in manufacturing

We helped Kovintrade Praha to analyze and visualize operational data from their production machines. The project was focused on measuring machine utilization time. Our goal was to collect relevant information to calculate overall machine efficiency (OEE) and identify events that may cause unnecessary downtimes in order to increase overall productivity.

The application provides several dashboards that allow detailed analysis of real-time data for a single machine or the entire production plant. The application provides accurate information on the utilization of every machine, allowing for better planning of production processes, predicting potential problems and reducing unplanned downtime. At the same time, everything can be easily visualized data on a display right on the production floor.

Drainage system assessment mobile application

Digital transformation in manufacturing

We took over the maintenance of an internal Xamarin Forms mobile application and associated server-side application written in Java, for ACO, one of the world leaders in drainage system production.

The application is used to record drainage problems in production plans, which are subsequently evaluated in order to comply with applicable regulations and, if necessary, propose a specific solutions if defects are found.

The app is optimized for use on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad).

Due to the end of support for Xamarin Forms, we have successfully migrated the application to Flutter.

The application contains a large number of data entry screens with an emphasis on validation and consistency. The main functionality consists of gathering information about drainage issues and collecting photo or video documentation. The application can work fully offline and synchronize with the server once the connection is restored.

Patria Finance mobile trading app

Finance and banking projects

For Patria Finance, part of the ČSOB Group, an investment and banking company, we created a client mobile application for managing trading portfolios and active trading.

Patria Finance's wish was to develop a modern and user-friendly mobile application that would allow its clients to manage their trading accounts, monitor prices of stocks, ETFs, commodities and other assets, enter trading orders, perform currency conversions, set price alerts and provide users with exclusive market news and videos from the portal. The app was to be available for Android and iOS platforms and localized into multiple languages.

We approached the development of the application in an agile way, which allowed us to respond immediately to feedback and new client requirements. The application incorporates over 100 screens, and in several places it was necessary to develop custom components that address optimized data loading, chart rendering and other elements.

The mobile application is designed from the beginning to work in all countries where Patria Finance operates, taking into account the differences in each market.

We provide support and subsequent development to Patria Finance for this application.

Xamarin Forms .NET MAUI

Internal bank trading system

Finance and banking projects

We have a long-term cooperation with several banks in the Czech republic. For one of them, we are developing an internal set of applications that provide calculations for a complex financial products and simplify communication between several bank departments. Over the years, a seemingly simple application has grown into a large solution, which facilitates and digitizes the bank's internal processes.

The applications are based on ASP.NET Core. All data is stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database. The applications communicate with several internal systems and external regulatory services using either a direct API access, or a messaging solution based on Rabbit MQ.

ASP.NET DotVVM Rabbit MQ Quartz MSSQL Azure DevOps

Last Mile Delivery solution

Digitalization in logistics

We help SolverTech, a company providing advanced route optimization solution, to build an extensive solution for parcel delivery companies.

The app consists of a web portal where dispatchers can track activity of the couriers in real time and update their planned routes. The solution involves a mobile app that handles the complete delivery process including navigation to the destination, generating the necessary delivery documentation, handling payments, and other features required for efficient transportation. Due to varying conditions that couriers have to work in, an offline mode with deferred data synchronization and complete domain logic is involved.

With this solution, more than 250,000 items have already been delivered over nearly 15,000 routes.


Prototype solution for vehicle-to-infrastructure communication


Digiteq Automotive approached us to collaborate on a project as part of the European C-roads platform, which is dedicated to setting rules for "smart" road infrastructure.

Namely, we participated in the implementation of a prototype of the backend dispatcher portal and end mobile applications, which, using Mirrorlink image mirroring technology, displayed the current traffic data on the vehicle's infotainment screen. The application worked for example with adaptive traffic signs, passage of road maintenance or emergency vehicles, calculated times for clear passage of traffic lights and railroad crossing systems.

In addition to development, the project also involved an extensive testing in simulated and subsequently in real-world environment.

Vehicle configurator for Auto Louda


The company Auto Louda focuses on selling of new and used cars. We helped them modernize their main website that included a complex vehicle search component with a wide range of filtering options.

We reimplemented the website to use the latest version of .NET and replaced an underlying CMS system with a new one.

Microsoft .NET MSSQL