Apps for Microsoft Teams

We develop chatbots, modern applications and extensions for Microsoft Teams.

What we already help with

Successful business is based on perfect communication and cooperation.

Get more flexibility and productivity with innovative apps for Microsoft Teams. With our extensions, you can customize your communication platform for better results. We focus on technologically advanced and scalable solutions according to your needs and preferences.

Progress knows no boundaries, and we will not be limited either. Have an idea for extending Microsoft Teams? We will implement it for you.

Connect to Microsoft 365

Our tools optimize processes and save time. We will connect the extension with Microsoft 365 cloud to implement automatic group creation, data synchronization, permission management, or any other task.

Voting app for local governments

We've designed an extension for local governments that provides them voting and polling capabilities directly within Microsoft Teams meetings.

Smart Planner

Communication, especially the internal, is the key to success. With our scheduling app, employees can easily arrange vacations and other activities through Teams.

Staff allocation

Modern business often require availability on a global level. Use the cloud to scale and run your applications around the world.

No clear plan?

Our solutions enable you to respond to process changes and grow the company

Our strengths

Extend your software with new features or entire modules

Someone to rely on

We will take care of flawless operation and maintenance after the deployment

What new apps and extensions will bring

Extend your Microsoft ecosystem with <strong>innovative and automated apps or tools.</strong>

  • Extending the solution with modern applications and connectors
  • Increase team efficiency and productivity
  • Improve internal communication and cooperation
  • Plan and watch the results
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