Development of
manufacturing systems

We will create a customised production systém for your company. We will ensure seamless operation and integration with the existing software.

What the digital transformation helps with

Harness the power of digital transformation to control and keep production running.

Even the best enterprise solution in production management cannot do without a quality production system. We will develop and set up optimized MES and ERP to achieve the best results. We guarantee flawless compatibility and smooth integration with existing systems and equipment.

Accurate calculation

How can numbers work for you? Using automated calculation of material prices and costs, or the ability to generate price quotes and product documentation.

Production planning

Would you like to turn complex planning into a quick and intuitive process? Our software will prepare a precise production plan for individual workplaces, operators, and suggest an optimal nesting.

Delivery of production

Do you need to keep comprehensible records of production performance? The system tracks the time of production operations, an overview of material consumption, quality control, and problem reporting.

Key data collection

How to easily get important data from production? Watch the energy consumption, machine and worker performance, and respond automatically to any exceptions or disruptions in the process.

Warehouse management

An efficient warehouse is the key to cost savings. We will help you with a mobile application for warehouse workers, connection to robotized warehouse racks, or tracking the movement of material on the production line.

Audit and reporting

Want to improve production control, or get better insights on the key information for decision-making? The production software can visualize the summary data, monitors the deadlines of orders, and warns you about any problems or anomalies.

No clear plan?

Our solutions enable you to respond to process changes and grow the company

Our strengths

Extend your software with new features or entire modules

Someone to rely on

We will take care of flawless operation and maintenance after the deployment

What you get with our production system

Innovative solutions for efficient production management. With the help of state-of-the-art technologies, we will prepare an unrivalled and fully automated system.

  • Process control and response to changes in real time
  • Increased productivity, better planning and quality of production
  • Comprehensive data collection and overview of manufacturing operations
  • Identification of weak points and proposal of optimal solution
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