About Customer

Xeddco, Inc. is an American software company dedicated to creating, promoting and increasing sales of software solutions in the US. The company provides a set of marketing solutions and has an insurance agency that has over 2,000 insurance agents across America.

Project Goals

Project Goals

The goal of the project was to create a tool for insurance agents in the US to provide an automated digital marketing solution designed exclusively for insurance agents. The project was designed to help the agents in the area with online marketing, enabling them to reach more potential customers.

Project Specifications

  • Integration with number of external services - social networks, payment systems and e-mail services
  • Client website with an admin interface
  • Advanced editable e-mail templates
  • Automated sharing and scheduling of social network posts

Our Solution

Our Solution

We have developed a solution that includes a web interface for insurance agents and an administration interface for content managers. The agent website is in the form of easily customizable templates according to the agent's needs with social networking, emails, and contacts that can be imported from different sources.


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