Lepší místo

About Customer

Prostor Plus is a non-profit organization which provides social services, education, and regional development. Their main vision is the prosperous client and the region in which they operate. The company is focused on providing quality services in the field of social prevention in all regions of the Czech Republic.

Project Goals

Project Goals

The goal of the project was to create a platform for the implementation of the Lepší Místo project, connecting the citizen with the region in which he lives to improve the living standards. The platform provides a way of communication between the citizen and the state administration authorities, where the citizen can add his proposals to improve the social level and watch how the proposals are being handled by the competent people or authorities in the region to perform the necessary action.

Project Specifications

  • Integration with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
  • Redesign of a previous website
  • Complex administration portal
  • API for mobile apps
  • Integration with Google Maps and advanced filtering and search options

Our Solution

Our Solution

The project was built on previous customer's website, which was completely redesigned and extended with new features. We have recreated the web portal which purpose was to secure the entire process from submitting of proposals to the resolution by regions or state authorities. A new website, admin portal, and API for mobile applications was delivered to the customer. The website allows to keep track of all the proposals submitted by citizens and watching all steps leading to their implementation.


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