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Ministerstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy České republiky (MŠMT) is the central state administration point for pre-school facilities, school facilities, primary schools, secondary schools and universities, for science, research and development, including international cooperation in this area, and for scientific ranks, for state care for children, youth, physical education, sports, tourism and sports representation of the state.

Project Goals

Project Goals

The goal of the project was to create a public portal that would allow the free delivery of innovative materials created within projects supported by the Education for Competitiveness Operational Program. The reason for the creation was to ensure wider use of these materials across educational entities and to provide good examples of good practice to contribute to the transparency of drawings from European funds in the Czech Republic.

Project Specifications

  • Search for individual outputs across all projects according to different criteria
  • Finding appropriate training materials in the area of productivity for competitivenes
  • Evaluation of outcomes
  • Feedback for project suppliers and MŠMT
  • Platform for publishing outputs, categorizing and collecting data
  • Website content management
  • Advanced permission model
  • Import of data from external systems

Our Solution

Our Solution

Our company has designed and implemented a web portal for the public and an administration portal for content managers. The web portal contains a database of project outputs that allows free distribution of innovative materials. The administration interface allows the content managers to edit the contents of the site and collect feedback.


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