About Customer

SwitchFit Corporation is a small US company who connects fitness centers and people through their project.

Project Goals

Project Goals

Our goal was to build a mobile application that would allow the users to search and register for individual fitness classes, and a website for partners and trainers to list these classes and work with their audience. The project included the entire process of search, subscription, payment, and scheduling for both the customer and the partner.

Project Specifications

  • Mobile application for iOS
  • Web Administration for partners and administrators
  • Search engine for sites based on various criteria - location, price, coach
  • Payment overview and user history
  • Social interactions for application users

Our Solution

Our Solution

We have designed and created a website with access to the administration interface for both customers and partners. Along with the site, an iOS mobile app has been delivered to the customer to search, book and pay. The app also offers various social interactions between people using the app.


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